Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wind Generating Electricity.. Who would have thought?

In the past, there have been several efforts to come up with different ways to harness energy from other sources and to turn it into usable energy. Wind farms are used to capture wind energy and turn it into other forms of usable energy. These wind farms have seen a big push lately to find newer, more efficient ways to use the wind energy to generate electricity. Turbines, which look like huge fans, are used to generate electricity using wind energy.

One study looked at the ways that the massive turbines can be arranged so that they can have more efficient use of the wind energy. They took a look at the spacing and placement of the turbines and determined the more efficient ways to place them. They were trying to determine how far apart the turbines should be placed in light of not only cost efficiency but also of efficient energy generation. The placement of these turbines would help to bring more energy from higher altitudes and to generate more wind movement so that more wind energy can be used to generate electricity.

This research could be very important for future wind farms and how they are set up. It is important that people not only look at cost efficiency but they also look at the most effective way to use the wind energy to generate electricity. This was one of the main goals of this study. The researchers also suggested further studies on the effects of temperature on these wind farms and how temperature differences could affect efficiency.

Source: Science Daily


  1. Use of wind energy has become significant in a number of areas, so there will be current incentives to increase efficiency of the systems. I have also seen reports of different designs for smaller systems, such as vertical spiral like structures that spin around. While the U.S. and other countries such as Denmark have been initial leaders in this area, China is rapidly becoming a major producer. This will be an important area to get it right as use of wind energy becomes more mainstream in areas with suitable wind.

  2. I love the idea of using wind as energy. It just makes common sense to me. I hope to see more wind farms pop up in the future. Hopefully after they find the most efficient ways it will happen.

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