Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catalogue of Sustainable Resources

Jakki Dehn has created and released Rematerialise, a catalogue that has taken 17 years to create. Rematerialise contains more than 1,200 eco-friendly products for contruction industry uses that have come from more than 15 countries. Rematerialise will make its debut at EcoBuild, which is the world's largest event for showing sustainable industrial materials. The materials are open for people to come and touch and interact with. This is beneficial because usually one would not be able to see the materials until they were already ordered and delivered.

What all do these materials entail? The products of Rematerialise come from recycled materials, resources that are abundant and easy to grow, and from resources that are rarely used and often overlooked. Some examples of these products include insulation that is made from mushrooms. The insulation was only an inch thick but when one's hand was put on one side and a blowtorch on the other, the person could not feel any heat through the material. There are also countertops made from recycled glass from cars and building sites. These countertops are comparable to the highly appeasing granite. Some other used materials include coffee grounds, currency, mobile phones, aeroplane windscreens, and fibers from banana plant stems. Creative, right?

Sustainable material manufacturers and producers can submit their ideas to the program for consideration. If the ideas are liked then they might become available in the Rematerialise library.



  1. This was very interesting. I would love to learn more about the insulation made out of mushrooms! It's amazing that nature is capable of making better products than man-made materials.

  2. (your environmental road trip) also has some videos on other people recycling and reusing materials for new purposes. This seems like an area with great potential.

  3. AHHH!!! I LOVE THIS IDEA! Working at a company like this is my DREAM JOB! Thanks so much for the post! I will make sure to check this company out :)